This term in SMM, SGB and SBF we are working on countries of the world. At the start of this topic everyone got to pick a country out of a hat, we are working with 1-2 people from each year 6 class. During this topic I am working on an information posters of Iran. After we finish our information posters we get to team up with 2-3 people from other classes and we get to set up a stall for our country and present it to the year 5’s and 6’s. In our stall we can include food, dresses & dances etc. I’m very excited to get the Iran stall up and running and can’t wait to present it to the other classes.

Country’s of the World

This term all the grade six classes are doing a project called country’s of the world. At the start of this project everyone picked a name out of a hat. When we got our country we had to search up information about our country. Once we got all our information written on word we have to print it out and stick it on a poster. On the last week of term 3 we have an expo day, that’s were we have to make a little store and the people who made that store can have like food, you can dress up and all that kind of stuff. I got Brazil so the person who got Brazil we would all meet up and talk about our how we are going to set our posters up and what we are going to do.

Country’s of the world

This term the grade 6 classes are doing an inquiry unit Country’s of the world. Each student drew a country out of a hat. Each class had The same country’s in there hat and I got the same country at Mitch C and Harvir. The country was Norway. We have to make a huge poster about out county. In the last week of term we will join with the other people from the other classes and have an expo with food,dance and music from our country’s. I still have some more info to get in till I can start my poster.


In November our class will be doing Movember and will be raising money for mens health! We will be drawing or wearing a fake moustache every single day!If you would like to donate go to and search for the team SMM and donate!


This november SMM is participating in a event called movember. The idea is to grow a mo to raise money for men’s health. You must have a mo for the whole of November. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Update :)

This is an update of what our class has been doing. Our inquiry right now is on migration, had to come up with 3 questions about each understanding and search some things to find the answer. We can base our project on refugees or asylum seekers. I’m going to be doing a poster or PowerPoint.

In November we will be participating in Movember, you have to grow a moustache for the whole of November. We have to donate money and my goal is to at least raise $50. It is for men’s health and I’m going to just draw my moustache on. 🙂


This November SMM are doing movember to support men’s  health, us students obviously can’t grow a full mustache so we will be drawing them on and our  mustache will get bigger and change shape as we get deeper into the month. We have set up a team account into the movember website so feel free to donate.  here’s a link to get to the movemeber account so you can donate now! dont forget to donate to george brisbane 🙂


This November SMM is doing Movermber. Even though we are to young to grow moustaches we are still going to participate, by drawing them on with makeup or getting fake moustaches. SMM has their own Movermber page where you can donate as much as you like. The money that you donate is going to Men’s Health.


In November SMM is doing movember, although we are too young to grow a moustache or even grow one, we are using eyeliner, stickers or drawing them on. SMM has their own Movember account and you can donate as much money as you want. All you have to do is type SMM in and it will come up with our thing and then you just press donate. Movember is all about Men’s Health. Raising money for Men’s Health goes to help with all them men that are sick. Some of the diseases they have are Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, bad Depression and Anxiety, Physical Inactivity and more. You can go to the website by clicking on the link below.


Welcome to all students of SMM 2016. It’s a very exciting time in your lives and your final year of Primary School. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and preparing you for Secondary College.

Canberra Camp will be commencing on the 15th March and returning on the 18th March. Get your final payments in to confirm your spot. It’s a great camp and one you’ll never forget, looking forward to it.