Welcome To My Blog!!

Hello everybody

Welcome to my blog, this year 2015 I am in grade 6. We have 2 student teacher in our class for 4 weeks, Jack McCormick and Debbie Graham. We are learning climate change with our student teachers, I think they are doing a great job and are ready to start teaching next year. We are working on Arctic and Antarctica, and it is very enjoyable. 🙂


This term in SMM, SGB and SBF we are working on countries of the world. At the start of this topic everyone got to pick a country out of a hat, we are working with 1-2 people from each year 6 class. During this topic I am working on an information posters of Iran. After we finish our information posters we get to team up with 2-3 people from other classes and we get to set up a stall for our country and present it to the year 5’s and 6’s. In our stall we can include food, dresses & dances etc. I’m very excited to get the Iran stall up and running and can’t wait to present it to the other classes.

Creative Arts

In Creative Arts we have being learning folk dancing/ partner dancing we have tried doing heel and toe which turned out well. Next week we are doing Waves of Bondi which I think will turn out great. I am looking forward to dancing in Creative Arts because I think its a good way to co-operate between the boys and girls. I rate the Creative Arts dances a 7/10 because I think we need more challenging dances.

My Exciting News!

On Friday 24th of July my mum had a baby boy named Charlie Oliver. When he was born he weighed 7.2kg (3665grams), in Wednesdays the 29th of Julys newspaper (Shepparton news) Charlie, my sister and I are in the new born section. It was a long wait until they came home but I’m happy their home now. I’m very excited to have a brother now.