Term 4

Hi all, Welcome back to school for your last term in Primary School! This term will be all about getting every student prepared for their transition to Secondary School.

This week students have participated in their Interschool Athletics.

In Reading students will be working on the Authors Purpose and Reciprocal Reading. Students should be reading every night.

In Writing Students will be focusing on procedural writing and in Mathematics students will be focusing on place value.

In Inquiry Students will be focusing on making a webpage which will show work that they are proud of and areas that interest them. Remember to keep striving to reach your learning goals and finish your year strongly.

Thanks SMM Matthew Mollison


SMM students have been working hard on their Olympic Inquiry Units this term. They have developed inquiry questions based on their interests in the Olympic games. Presentations have varied from diorama’s to information posters. Students will now link their Olympic Inquiry Units in with our Countries Around the World Inquiry Unit. Students have began the tuning in phase and will be preparing for the grade 6 expo day in the last week of term. Stay tuned!


on the 9th of September we have our senior school production each class are doing 2 songs our class is doing jump and barbie girl. we have been practicing for months im a rapper for jump. I am very exited to perform at eastbank.

Welcome To My Blog!!

Hello everybody

Welcome to my blog, this year 2015 I am in grade 6. We have 2 student teacher in our class for 4 weeks, Jack McCormick and Debbie Graham. We are learning climate change with our student teachers, I think they are doing a great job and are ready to start teaching next year. We are working on Arctic and Antarctica, and it is very enjoyable. 🙂

Short story

Once upon a time there was a little girl and a mum and they were like best friends. The little girls name was Emily, Emily didn’t have any friends because she didn’t go to school. One day she wanted to find a friends, Emily ran away not knowing we’re she might go when suddenly…..



comment if you want the rest of the story.


In production this term smm is doing  jump and barbie girl. we have been practicing for a while now and we are starting to work on our costumes. we have been practicing really hard and we hope it turns out good on the night………………………………………………………. sooooooo exited


For the last 3 weeks all the grade 6 kids have been working on a project and we’re doing country of the world and I’m doing Ireland and we have people from the other classes that have the same country and we meet up and then we get their food and have an expo and family’s can come in and try the food.